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Anglian Medal Hunt Company (AMHC) is the brainchild of sports enthusiasts with an objective to nurture talent across sporting fields, and to create icons for the future. The Company supports young talent to achieve international sporting success.

AMHC chooses its prospective medal winners through stringent criterion, and facilitates their training, procurement of equipment and the international exposure its athletes require. The athletes are groomed through a selective network of coaches, mentors, physiotherapists and mental conditioners.The young sportspeople are also helped financially by AMHC’s corporate alliances or marketing tie-ups that help build brand connect for its most prominent athletes.

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Athlete Management

AMHC helps in identifying opportunities for its athletes in every phase of their career and advices them on the same.Anglian Medal Hunt Company holds exclusive marketing rights for all its athletes. We help these athletes connect to the corporate world in order to unlock their full endorsement value. The company focuses on every aspect of the athletes marketing potential and delivers them.
Anglian Medal Hunt Company covers the various marketing facets:

  • Sponsorships
  • Endorsements
  • Media rights
  • Digital media
  • Image building and management
  • Legal representation

Sports IP

To take an idea from its infancy to a full-fledged grassroots marketing platform for a corporate partner, the development of a property takes more than just a couple of brainstorming sessions. It calls into action an entire team contributing to all facets of the property and developing marketing plans and grassroots activities that encompass local, regional and national players. The perfect match between corporate client and sports or entertainment property will result in audiences being influenced and marketing objectives being met.


Sports transcend borders, languages and cultures. And sports sponsorship has become increasingly important as an effective means of building brand awareness and consumer consideration. Anglian Medal Hunt Company works with companies to define sports sponsorship objectives and determine where they fit in the overall marketing mix of a brand. We then assess sponsorship opportunities and create innovative strategies to best utilize these marketing investments.


  • Identification of ideal brand partner
  • Evaluation and management of partnerships for corporations/brands
  • Activation planning and implementation
  • Development of corporate partner programs for sports properties
  • Sponsorship and naming rights sales for sports properties


AMHC is a strategy consulting and training firm passionate about helping companies make a difference in the world. From strategy to execution, and everything in between, we'll help you realize the tremendous business, social, and environmental benefits from your corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability efforts.

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Anglian Medal Hunt Company Presents

Learn the most exciting card game in the world which is played by Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Martina Navratilova to name a few. Bridge is a mind-based card game at par with Chess, The game made its Asian Games debut in 2018 where India won three medals including one gold.


Contact for More Information :

Karan Nangia – karan@anglianmedalhunt.com

Shashank Kataria - shashank@anglianmedalhunt.com


Thank you Minnie and Priya.. Anuja has aptly said that your patience and easy methodology of putting the concepts to us were truly appreciated. The 4 of us are going to have some mad evenings on BBO and we will miss both your guiding hands.... But the 4 blind mice will guide each other and be back with you on the 27th. Karan and Shashank... thank you for all the support and coordination to make the classes seamless..
- Preeti, New Delhi

thank Mini and Priya, who have been just been wonderful to say the least. Their insight and knowledge of the game is so vast and in depth that its been a pleasure to be associated with them and I feel lucky to have had an opportunity to start my journey under their guidance.
- Kapil Dewan, Dubai

My entire bridge gang has joined Angliar and are really enjoying the classes. Mini and Priya our instructors explain the concepts with patience , logic and in detail...covering all nuiances. They have shown us a different and exciting side of bridge....
- Sujata , New Delhi

" Amazing experience!! Interactive learning of advanced Bridge concepts explained in a logical way followed by sample hands to reinforce the teaching. All sessions are recorded and videos shared with participants. You can watch them at leisure to revise the sessions. All conventions and responses are clearly illustrated using easy to follow grids and tables. Maneesh is very readily accessible and is willing to explain difficult concepts even outside the classroom.
- Nilofer and Anil Kalra, New Delhi

There is beautiful symmetry to the game of bridge that you do not see in other card games .....,so I had heard and thus my interest
The players are aligned according to the four compass points North South East and West —- and the deal passes in clockwise rotation as do plays... this was my knowledge
I knew that learning from other players will not be easy and mastering it , is impossible without a good teacher. . Here I got a chance when Sunny ... The Sutradhar said Anglian Medal hunt is starting classes with two professional national recognized teachers. Wuff I jumped at opportunity. To learn or study any thing we need following:
A. Institution - good Administration
B. Teachers - right masters
C. Group of colleagues
Here at Anglian Medal hunt I found all three and my interest after 8 classes has doubled .
Administration- Anglian Medal hunt team - Karan Nangia and his associates —-my heartiest congratulations for putting together a diligent team and a program which caters to all requirements. Excellent setting and programming. And above all catering to every small need of clients even if —it is failure of internet at their end during session ( hmm thanks ) .very well coordinated .thanks v Teachers - Gurus Thank you Anglian with excellent choice of masters. So glad to have met Priya and Mini . Absolutely a pleasure and honor to be taught by them . As Mini says normally we learn from family ,friends ,etc but it’s not same when you are taught by masters or experienced players themselves. Very professional affectionate and patient - thank you look forward to next session together. One of my favorite quote by Mini &Priya : “The true inner beauty of Bridge lies in your Inner Eye - seeing without actually seeing - Visualization. It's like a flower opening, petal by petal 🌹”
Group - lovely coordinates eager intelligent group and very friendly
• Overall excellent experience .I have enjoyed the first 8 classes and look forward to complete Beginner course and play on actual table with actual players
Thank you
- Saloni Mehrotra, New Delhi

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